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Individual Services

Located in Zephyrhills, FL, but serving a diverse clientele across the country, working with B & N Enterprises, LLC, ensures you are in great financial shape for years and years to come.

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Personal Financial Planning

With a comprehensive full-service approach, we will create a unique plan that works to help grow your wealth and protect its longevity. We’ll help you save, pay, protect, and achieve.

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And, here’s how it’ll go…
We’ll analyze your assets, income, and review any potential shortcomings. Lowering the likelihood of any risks, we’ll help you save enough for the comfortable retirement you deserve!
There are certain things, like shelter, education, and transportation, that we simply must invest in. Together, we’ll ensure you’re in a financial situation where you can cover these costs.
Life is unpredictable. In case of an accident or major change of circumstances, we’ll plan to make sure you’re protected if the unthinkable happens.
Through investments, returns, and smart, personalized planning, we’ll work together to grow your wealth so you can live enjoyably and leave a maximum legacy for your heirs.

Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to start planning! Whether you’re already ready to retire or you’re just jumpstarting your career, we’ll take the steps necessary to ensure your retirement will be stress-free. The advantages of beginning your retirement planning sooner rather than later include:

  • Long-term security for you and your family
  • Tax-free contributions
  • Choice in retirement plans (including 401(K), SIMPLE Plans, IRAs, Keogh plans, & more)

Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us to start planning today.

B & N Lenz Enterprises, LLC, will assess your current financial situation to better prepare for your future. What steps will we take?
We’ll take into account liabilities, assets, and review your individual Social Security Account. We’ll assess the values of your estate(s) and valuables and determine when you should begin receiving social security benefits.
Looking into various plans, we’ll decide which plan works for you and your family’s best interests. We’ll also determine whether you (or your business) qualifies for tax credits for contributing to an IRA.
After assessing, we’ll further review your finances and create a budget that will help you achieve your goals. Then, we’ll figure out the best method to withdraw your retirement funds — whether it be a lump sum or installments over a period of time.
We’ll map out a comprehensive retirement plan, keeping in mind that circumstances change. However, our shared mission will be ensuring that your family and yourself live comfortably throughout your golden years.

Estate Planning

Without working with a professional expert like B & N Lenz Enterprises, LLC, estate planning can cost an excessive amount of money and time. The confusing (and sometimes uncomfortable matter) is a burden nobody should face alone.

Here’s what we can do as a team:
What are your estate planning goals? We’ll evaluate your current circumstances and clearly define your goals to come to solutions that work best for you and those you are closest with.
We’ll form a team of top-notch experts who can assist with matters related to law, finance, and taxes. Then, we’ll prepare and review all necessary documents, which we can amend as needed.
Lessening burdens, we’ll work diligently to decrease any issues and costs associated with probate and minimize taxes at the time of death. We’ll also organize fair and adequate liquidation of the estate, covering taxes, or any unexpected expenses.
Your estates and all its assets will go to the rightful heirs, in whatever method you’d like.

You Can Consult Us Regarding

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Living Wills & Trusts

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Lifetime Family Wealth Transfers

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Family partnerships & other business relationships

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Leaving money to charities

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Preparation for estate and trust tax issues

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Elder Care

As we get older, we may require assistance with finances. Everyday tasks, such as paying bills and balancing a checkbook, can be an inherent challenge for the elderly.

We’ll lend a knowledgeable and compassionate hand by:
We simplify the day-to-day, ensuring money is received, documented, and deposited. We’ll also review and pay household bills, balance checkbooks and write checks, and provide a budget and record.
We’ll plan ahead for retirement account distributions and provide protection against disrupters. We can also organize any important documents (including inventory of personal assets and investments) and prepare, plan, and file taxes.
Everyone we work with has specific needs and goals. Once determined, we’ll examine all factors to ensure financial goals are achieved. If a client has an individual need, I.E., arranging care or transportation, we can help with this as well.
We’ll keep an eye on all expenses, cash flow, and investments. We’re committed to monitoring the client’s financial situations, so we can fix any potential concerns before they become problems.
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