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Why Do Your Taxes Yourself?

Let the Experts Handle It!

Tax Services

Tax season can be a stressful time for many of us. Most Americans (nearly 80%) benefit from professional tax services. B & N Lenz Enterprises, LLC, has a long tradition of taking care of tax preparation, planning, and problems. While we are stationed in Zephyrhills, FL, we happily serve clients across the United States.

Should my spouse & I file our taxes together or separately?
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Tax Preparation

Your relatively simple return can easily become a confusing hassle that leaves you with more problems than solutions.
That’s where we come in.

Your Return
We’ll prepare, check, and re-check your return on our state-of-the-art software to identify any concerns. When it’s time to file, we’ll do so electronically so you can get the return you deserve with the shortest possible waiting period.
Your Deductions
We’ll make you aware of your potential deductions, limiting your liability for next year’s tax season. We will also provide you with a reference of commonly overlooked deductions to maximize your return.
Your Books
Do you own a small business? Are your records messy and hard to track? That may stress you out, but it doesn’t stress us out. We’ll easily prepare your books for the year, your income tax returns, and a full Schedule C.
Tax prep- Zephyrhills, FL

Tax Planning

What’s the secret to protecting your tax liability and maximizing your income? Planning, of course! Going beyond tax compliance, we offer proactive strategies now that will ensure you reap the benefits later.

Our Objectives

At B & N Lenz Enterprises, LLC, we have a mission: keeping Uncle Sam away from your wallet so you can enjoy the money you’ve earned.

We Aim to Minimize Taxes On

  • Income
  • Gifts
  • Retirement Distributions
  • Investments
  • Estate

Our Approach

  • We shift income among multiple family members.
  • We find specific investments for tax exemptions.
  • We discover deductions by letting you spend money the way you want to.
  • We shuffle income/expenses so they can be taxed at a lower rate at a later date.

Tax Solutions

Want to get the IRS off your back? We’ll discreetly and diligently come to a resolution that will meet your needs.

Matters We Can Help With

  • Back Owed Taxes
  • Bankruptcy
  • Getting Your IRS File
  • IRS Audit Representation
  • IRS Levies & Liens
  • IRS Payment Plans
  • IRS Seizures
  • Incorrect Spouse Relief
  • Non-Filed Tax Returns
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Payroll Tax Issues
  • Wage Garnishment
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We understand, of course, that every problem is unique and requires its own unique solution.
Give us a call at (813) 782-9491) so we can solve it.
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