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If you’re looking for an accountant who can help you with the full spectrum of your finances, you can count on B & N Lenz Enterprises, LLC. Stationed in Zephyrhills, FL, we provide knowledgeable services across America. Our passion is using our skill and savvy to help you achieve the financial life you deserve.

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Our Values

We offer expertise in a wide range of accounting matters. We proudly display our values in all that we do and for all who we serve.

As a leading firm in Zephyrhills, FL, and beyond, we have efficiency and effectiveness down to a science. Our perfectionist team of professionals offers unique specializations, ensuring that we’ll have the correct answer, no matter the question. Our goal is to provide personalized, energetic service to every client we work with.
Committed, competent, and communicative, we are many people’s choice financial firm because of our ability to deliver timely service. Our team is dedicated to delivering unique expertise on-time.
Our reputation reflects the high standards we set for ourselves. We are here to be your trusted financial partner through the years, providing prompt insight for your particular circumstance.

Helping Clients Like You

We work with a diverse range of clients all across America!


Over the Road Truckers


Traveling Nurses


Overseas Contractors




Hair Stylists / Barbers

Meet Nils

“Welcome! I started B & N Lenz Enterprises in October of ‘93 specializing in accounting. I’m passionate about using my math skills to help my clients get the money they deserve. B & N Lenz Enterprises grows every day, as I take on clients, including traveling nurses, truckers, overseas contractors, landscapers, hairstylists, etc. I have earned degrees in Electrical and Electronic Technology, Accounting, and an MBA in General Business. I became an enrolled agent in 2013. When I’m not helping my clients succeed financially, I enjoy spending time with my wife of over 35 years, Brenda, and our children Nick, Alex, and Cassie, and our grandkids, Bailey, Charlie, Oliver, Hudson and Penelope.

Why should you choose B & N Lenz Enterprises, LLC? It’s easy — we’re much better than your typical accounting firm.”

What Our Clients Say

“This is by far the most professional service I have ever used. Will never use anyone else.”

“Mr Lenz did an outstanding job fixing my tax problems and has helped me do my taxes every year since then. He knows his stuff that’s for sure! Would definitely recommend.”

“I agree that he is worthy of 5 stars… There should be no one else as far as taxes go. If he does accounting too I wouldn’t have anybody else, period.”

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